About Us

Who We Are

EZ Funnel has just made it easier and faster to add all fuel additives, motor oil, and power steering fluid to any car. The simple SNAP-ON feature makes adding any additives to your car quicker with no spill. Best of all EZ Funnel works with the all new CAPLESS fuel systems that are currently in more than 15 million cars and trucks on the road today.

Our Vision

One of the best features of the EZ Funnel is that it will also snap onto the spout of the legacy gas cans. There is no need to purchase a very expensive replacement funnel if you own a capless fuel system car. There is no need to place a used manufacturer’s funnel back in your car which causes major fuel odor. Just purchase a low cost EZ Funnel!

Our Location

EZ Funnel

2858 Johnson Ferry Rd 200,

Marietta, GA 30062

Phone. 678-585-7430

Email. Ed@bakersupply.net